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RAC Kettering are specialists in design and construction of Coldrooms and Coldstores, in fact any area requiring temperature controlled foodsafe insulated panels and doors normally associated with food, pharmaceutical and other hygiene related industries.
Our technical advice and wealth of experience will ensure the most efficient and cost effective insulation cores suitable for your project.

Insulated panel options
We are able to offer several types of insulation material to form the core of the modular wall and ceiling panels. Factors to take into account when selecting the ideal material for your requirements include wall height, ceiling span, fire resistance requirements (if any), running temperature and budget.
Panels are continuously laminated to length using a standard or high density, fire retardent additive, CFC free core. Bond is formed using two part polyurethane adhesive. Joints are formed using interlocking polystyrene splines.

Panels have a press-injected, flame retarded closed cell core and are CFC free. Jointing method is shallow tongue and groove and mechanical camlock.

Panels have an inert, non combustable mineral fibre core suitable for high fire-risk areas as defined in the Loss Prevention Council Standard LPS 1208 and have been tested to BS476: part 22. (75mm panel is 60 mins fire rated).

4.Polyisocyanurate( PIR )
Panels for use in high fire-risk areas as defined in the Loss Prevention Council LPS 1208.Tested to BS476: part 22. (150mm panel is 30 mins fire rated).
Panel facings
Standard facing for food applications is flat or lightly ribbed 0.55mm, hot dipped galvanised steel coated with foodsafe hard, white PVC. (class 1 surface spread of flame and fire propogation test result which complies with the requirements for a class '0' surface as defined in par A8(b) of approval document B 'fire' UK building regs. 1985. Non critical areas finished in 0.55mm steel with primer coat only. Other available facing materials include stainles steel, polyester and HP200 colourcoat Glasboard (embosed F.R.P.) or 21mm aluminium '5 bar' sheeting can be added to wall panels for impact protection.
Corner joints are rebated and foamed on site. All wall/ceiling joints are pre-rebated. Internal corners finished with white angle as standard.Two-part hygiene coving or easyclean can be fitted if preferred. For longceiling spans, panels can be supported using 'top hat' ceiling suspension system connected to site steels (if suitable).

Service and Maintenance

At RAC Kettering we realise the importance of providing a back-up service for our customers, hence maintenance and repairs have become an important part of our activities. Rather than view repair work as a nuisance as do many coldstore contractors, we have gained a reputation for a prompt and efficient service. This has resulted in our company being on the call list of many refrigeration companies and high street names such as Mc Donalds and Hazlewood Foods. We carry a large stock of refrigeration door furniture and ancillaries and any non standard parts can be manufactured in our workshop. We have fitters dedicated just to repairs.

We are able to offer a wide choice of door options to suit all temperature and hygiene requirements. Choices include:
Insulated, Manual/automatic and sliding doors

Floors with heavy usage (such as forklift, pallet truck and racking) We recommend a reinforced mono-granolithic (concrete) floor slab to BS8204 part 11 (code of practace for insitu floors). Integral concrete kurbing can be fitted for protection of walls. Low voltage underfloor frost-heave protection fitted to freezer floors where required.

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