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This site is for people in the UK seeking a cold store design and construction company

This page is for people who just want a room dehumidifier
RAC Kettering are specialists in design and construction of Coldrooms and Coldstores, in fact any area requiring temperature controlled foodsafe insulated panels and doors normally associated with food, pharmaceutical and other hygiene related industries.
Our technical advice and wealth of experience will ensure the most efficient and cost effective insulation cores suitable for your project.

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  • Through our knowledge and experience in Computer Aided Design systems, RAC Kettering Coldstore Construction are able to offer advice and basic design details to clients and architects, from initial design proposals through to contract completion.

    Experience has shown that early involvement at the design stage can help clarify required details and specification prior to tender stage, so providing more accurate tender information.

    Using the latest Auto CAD technologies, we are able to plan our projects using the technical drawings for the building we are working on. Having this information, we are able to produce all materials with minimal disruption to our clients.

    This also allows for us to identify points in any structure where we feel more increased safety procedures should be carried out, and where fire-safe materials should be used.

    Composite insulated panelling provides a cost effective, quickly erected alternative to traditional building methods, particularly in areas where a hygienic and/or chilled atmosphere is required.

    In the projects we undertake we use all new fibre insulation materials which are manufactured to the latest industry standards. All materials used are safety approved.

    We offer many different types of insulation, a full spec can be obtained by using the contact form on the site.

    All our doors are manufactured to the highest industry standards. As part of our ever expanding company we now manufacture some doors at out factory in Coatbridge. These are then distributed to our clients and installed by our skilled personnel who are committed to delivering the highest standard possible. Our doors are manufactured to the highest fire safety regulations, essential to the industry we supply to.

    Hygienic and foodsafe wall cladding provides excellent finishes in areas which are not subject to tight temperature controls or temperature changes eg: Processing Areas, Abattoirs, Kitchens, Toilets, Changing Rooms, Clean Rooms, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hotels. Thermoformed corners not only remove sharp edges but can also provide an aesthetically pleasing rounded finish.

    All our flashings are made from top grade sheet metal. These include : white antistatic foodsafe stelvetite with a strippable film, HP200 colourcoat, aluminium tread plate and stainless steel and many more. Our flashings are one of the final steps in any given project, finishing a building with a clean, presentable image.

    Other services provided include Building Works, Refrigeration, Specialised Flooring, Stainless Steel Kerbing, Electrical and Mechanical Services, Plumbing Services and Painting and Decorating Works.

    RAC Kettering history was established in 1970's and is now one of the UK's leading suppliers and installers of composite laminated panels, hygienic wall cladding and doors, for use in Cold Rooms, Food processing Areas, Hospitals, Low Temperature Stores and many other areas where a hygienic or chilled atmosphere is essential.

    Due to increased demand over the last few years for fire protected complexes, RAC Kettering has continued to develop its skill and experience in the supply and installation of foodsafe fire panels and can offer a wealth of experience in this area.

    In September 1989, the Company moved into its own purpose built facory in Kettering. The external cladding to the walls and roof of the factory were constructed of mineral wool cored panel and were installed. From this base, we now manufacture our own foodsafe flashings. Our skill and experience in our field has provided us with recommendations from all major panel and door manufacturers and from many food companies and local authorities.

    Uniquely in the UK, we retain all of our trained personnel who are able to work on site to your specifications quickly, cleanly and with minimum disruption to your staff and premises. Should you require any further information or would like to discuss any particular item or idea, please do not hesitate to contact our offices by telephone or by using the contact page of the site.

    RAC Kettering has been supplying sophisticated cold storage and food processing facilities to customers throughout the UK for over 25 years. In that time we have established ourselves as leaders in the field of insulated construction mainly due to our commitment to producing, erecting and servicing a top quality range of panelling systems and advanced door systems. Our cost effective construction materials are now used in practically every industrial situation. In response to the changing constructional requirements of practically all industries and recognising the Architectural and Engineering requirements of the 1990s and beyond, we at RAC Kettering have developed the composite panels which will satisfy these needs.

    Supplier and Installer of all types of Food Grade and Fire Safe insulated Panels and Doors for Chill Rooms, Cold Stores and all associated Food Production Areas Our Commitment - What do you get when you install our panels and doors? A product of advanced design and consistently high quality, an international network of specialists to erect and service contracts, fast efficient construction of any type or size of construction, a finished job which guarantees your complete satisfaction and our reputation.

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