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RAC Kettering are specialists in design and construction of Coldrooms and Coldstores, in fact any area requiring temperature controlled foodsafe insulated panels and doors normally associated with food, pharmaceutical and other hygiene related industries.
Our technical advice and wealth of experience will ensure the most efficient and cost effective insulation cores suitable for your project.

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As well as industry standard Polystyrene and Polyurethane cores, RAC Kettering also specialise in fire rated laminated panels and doors, conforming and tested to B.S.476 part 22, (Insulation and Integrity). suitable for high-risk areas defined in the 'Loss Prevention Council' standard L.P.C.1208. Our wealth of experience also extends and includes installation of temperature and environmentally controlled vehicle test chambers, even temperature controlled fuel chambers.

From computer aided design to construction using only fully trained installation teams, Insulated Modular Structures can guarantee quality control and compete customer satisfaction.

RAC Kettering will advise and select the right insulation core to meet your requirements. Whether you looking for a small coldroom for a fast food kitchen to a multi-room food processing or distribution depot, where mixing insulation cores to meet the criteria and requirements of each room or area is often required.

S.D.V.B. and HDN expanded Polystyrene laminated C.F.C. free, insulated panels with fire retardant additive, all panels have turned safety edges, and tongue and groove jointing splines.

C.F.C. free, foam injected Polyurethane, insulated modular panels, fire retardant to BS4735, all panels have turned safety edges, and are fitted with none rusting cam locks and receivers set within a tongue and groove panel edge.

Mineral wool laminated C.F.C. free, insulated panels conforming and tested to B.S.476 part 22, (Insulation and Integrity). suitable for high-risk areas defined in the 'Loss Prevention Council' standard L.P.C.1208.

C.F.C. free, none combustible Polyisocyanurate insulated modular panels, suitable for all applications including Freezer application.

We can offer various panel facings materials to suit your individual requirements, PVC foodsafe coated steel, Stainless Steel, HP200 external grade PVC coated steel, GRP, and foodsafe Polyester. Most finishes can be supplied either flat or with a shallow profile.

We offer a wide range of specialist insulated doors to suit all Coldroom applications and the food and hygiene industry, from Hinged, Sliding (Manual or electric operation) to hygienic insulated or flip flap personal doors, all to suit the required temperature environment.

Our comprehensive design ensures that when temperature dictates, our insulated floor options will protect the under-floor structural slab from frost heave and structural damage. Various options of floor finish are available, rigidized galvanised steel, aluminium, granolithic concrete, none slip 'Altro' flooring to name a few. Selection of floor finishes are subject to site and temperature conditions, RAC Kettering can advise the best floor finish for your project.

RAC Kettering also offer a comprehensive range of specialist Coldroom associated products such as:

PVC strip curtains to assist in the retention of temperature during opening and closing doors.

Specialist free-standing coldroom shelving and butchers meat hanging rails etc.

Observation windows can be incorporated into insulated walls and doors.

Various options to assist protection of doors and walls from general and fork lift damage.

Wall and ceiling fitted refrigeration units to our smaller modular coldrooms.

Rapid roll doors, dock seals and levellers for loading bays.

Our experience and quality control will assist you to design and build your project, however large or small to ensure your complete satisfaction.

RAC Kettering also undertake maintenance and repairs of all coldrooms and doors, move or remove partition walls, the list is endless. If you have a problem, however small please contact us on 01536 525136.

Cold rooms present special problems. Whilst the atmosphere in a cold room is frequently very dry, condensation can occur on equipment when it is removed from the room. Permanent wiring within cold rooms should be waterproof and power sockets safeguarded by Residual Current Devices. If the cold room is to be used as a laboratory, it is usually not possible to ensure that only waterproof equipment is used. However, great care needs to be taken not to use equipment removed from the cold room until it has time to warm up and dry out, which can take several hours. Where possible, equipment should be low voltage.

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