This site is for people in the UK seeking a cold store design and construction company

This page is for people seeling a coldroom
RAC Kettering are specialists in design and construction of Coldrooms and Coldstores, in fact any area requiring temperature controlled foodsafe insulated panels and doors normally associated with food, pharmaceutical and other hygiene related industries.
Our technical advice and wealth of experience will ensure the most efficient and cost effective insulation cores suitable for your project.

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  • Many of our medium and large size refrigeration units have been designed specifically for the temperature range from +3° to +8°C. By concentrating on this region has enabled the product to be far more cost-effective than if we had included below-zero operation. Our above-zero refrigeration units utilise simplified technology which translates to a lower price to the end user. Naturally we are able to supply deep-freeze units for below-zero operation where required.
    Our coldroom assembly is as ingenious as it is simple. It would be very expensive to produce a multitude of different dimension wall panels to each client's needs. So RAC Kettering devised a modular system which comprises a standard size wall panel. Each panel has a 'tongue-and-groove' with an integrated locking system.

    Assembly is incredibly fast, and is carried out on-site and indoors. The panels are seated in a U-profile, and then locked to each other via the integrated lock within each panel. This clamps each panel to its neighbour, sealing it tightly against heat penetration.

    Storage cellars, where supplies stay fresh at a constant temperature and level of humidity have become a rarity. Basements in homes are simply not built for food storage. The refrigerated storage cell from Coldrooms sets new standards for the storage of fresh food.

    To keep food fresh" and not just "cold" you need the right humidity as well as the right temperature. Sensitive produce requires gentle refrigeration. Unlike a conventional refrigerator the Viessmann refrigerated storage cells have a humidity selector switch.This means, for example, the lettuce and vegetables stay fresh and tasty in the refrigerated storage cell not just for two days but for a whole week. Cheese does not go dry. Fruit remains juicy and appetizing. Valuable vitamins and fine aroma are preserved. Half-year supplies of potatoes and onions can be stored without worry. And cold dishes and cream cakes don't have to be prepared at the last minute to ensure they are fresh and appetizing when served.

    Frozen food plays an increasingly important role today. Ideally frozen food should not just be thawed at room temperature but under defined conditions. A refrigerated storage cell is the ideal solution to this problem.
    Food Storage...
    The correct shelving system is important in the storage of food in the coldroom. RAC Keeterng are the UK's leading supplier of shelving systems designed to make the best use of the coldroom space - all coldroom shelving is designed to be stable, hygienic and offer exceptional value.

    Leading-edge technology
    Service-proven, maintenance-friendly technology
    Highest possible quality, reliability and durability
    Economical to run, environmentally friendly
    Modular construction for ultimate in flexibility
    Coldrooms must be capable of installation, servicing and adaptation in the shortest possible time
    Our quality is uncompromising. Our coldrooms have been installed worldwide wherever there is a need for the highest possible reliability. From leisure parks wherever high-grade food has to be stored, our coldrooms are specified. In the UK they can be found in hotels and restaurants, in clubs and in florists.

    Our coldrooms are manufactured to the highest specification and include stainless steel flooring as standard. We offer a nationwide delivery and installation service. We can supply chillers and freezers, either single or multi-compartment to all sizes.

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