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RAC Kettering are specialists in design and construction of Coldrooms and Coldstores, in fact any area requiring temperature controlled foodsafe insulated panels and doors normally associated with food, pharmaceutical and other hygiene related industries.
Our technical advice and wealth of experience will ensure the most efficient and cost effective insulation cores suitable for your project.

Cold Store Room UK is a website to help you find a cold room .

Walk-in Cold Rooms

Made-to-measure Cold Rooms

Cold and freezer rooms for all purposes

RAC Kettering designs and supplies individual cold and freezer rooms for all sectors. These include the food industry, retailers and wholesalers, hotels and restaurants, ships, research institutes, health services and mortuaries. We welcome the challenge from new sectors!

Our refrigerator and freezer rooms are turnkey deliveries that are built according to the requirements of each site and customer. The dimensions are determined for each case separately and so is the standard of the fittings. The delivery includes the floor, wall and ceiling panels and the doors, which can be chosen from our wide selection. Pressure balancing valves are included for freezer rooms. The delivery can also include the refrigeration equipment and other accessories. These include shelves, cold air curtain, windows, door curtain fan, and a whole range of accessories that make it easier to use the room and monitor the temperature. Ask our sales people for more details.

A practical design depends on its components

Erecting the cold store is easy, since all necessary fittings come with the delivery, along with clear instructions. But if you wish to make sure that erection is as fast and troublefree as possible, we will carry it out for you, or we will supervise the work.

A RAC Kettering cold room is a simple and safe choice, since all the components come from the same supplier. The dimensions can be freely chosen; they are specified separately for each customer, to the nearest 150 mm. With their modular structure and quick action locks, the cold stores are easy to alter and expand. Foodsafe facing materials and the well designed structure help to make the rooms hygienic. The CFC and HCFC free polyurethane insulation is environmentally friendly and cuts energy costs.

Suitable materials for different uses

The insulating material is rigid polyurethane which is foamed in a mould. It is free of CFCs and HCFCs and has a density of 40 kg/m3. The standard facing for the panels is 0.6 mm galvanized steel sheet, coated with white (RAL 9010) foodsafe polyester. The facing can also have a PVF2 coating or can be of stainless steel, but these need to be specified separately. For special orders thicker sheet can be used, up to 1.0 mm.

Huurre Panels represent a flexible method of construction. Huurre Panels may be installed either horizontally or vertically. The structural frame may be on either the inside or the outside. In interiors, a separate structural frame is not usually needed.

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